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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  June 26, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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this is wjz tv, wjz hd, and baltimore. >> from the city to the counties to your neighborhood. now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's new station. >> demanding charges. a baltimore county teen dies at the hands of an off-duty cop. now civil rights leaders want him behind bars. >> the public outcry and why the investigation is taking so long. >> kai jackson. here's what people are talking about. a community pitted against police. two weeks after christopher dies in a confrontation with an off- duty officer, friends and family want that officer punished. at wjz is life. a heartbroken mother tonight. >> she wants that officer locked up for murder. she said that the gators have had more than enough time.
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reporter matt chris brown's mother tuesday night last out at baltimore county police and prosecutors angry that no charges have been filed against the police officer involved in her son's killing. >> he needs to be arrested. he did a crime. i don't know how many ways we can do this. i don't know why it's not done already. >> it's been almost two weeks since brown died. police say he was walking with others when someone threw a rock at the home of officer james laborde. they say the off-duty cop chased brown and the teen died in the confrontation that followed. police say their investigation needs more time. brown's family, community members come and civil rights units met tuesday calling on the law to take action. >> we are not going to wait another day, not another week. we are on this issue and it's going national if they don't step up to the plate. >> wanting the investigators will do is to determine whether or not the officer was on duty.
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>> he says there's no strict timetable for this kind of complex investigation. >> there is so many moving parts in the situation. forensic evidence, physical evidence, witness testimony. >> but patience is running thin. >> they are not being fair. so go ahead and charge the guy. >> brown's mother also has some harsh words for baltimore county police chief jim songs in. he -- she called it cowardly that no one from the police department intended to make community meeting. wjz eyewitness news. >> thank you. community members are being urged to call their lawmakers. police, prosecutors had even called into radio shows to demand justice. prosecutors won't seek jail time for a neighborhood watchmen accused of beating a teenager. the 24-year-old could face up to 10 years behind bars for second- degree assault.
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prosecutors are asking for a suspended sentence and community service. he claims he acted in self- defense. a worker in howard county seriously hurt when he's pinned under a forklift. that accident happened at a spice company. you can see firefighters try to free him from this. investigators are trying to determine how he became trapped. a baltimore jury gives a worker award to a family of a child with cerebral palsy. tonight adam may has the family's reaction to this landmark ruling. >> reporter: the two-year-old cannot speak, walk, or even set up on his own. in 2010 is mother tried giving birth at home with a midwife on the baby got stuck she rushed to john hopkins and then waited two hours for a c-section. >> they said they were waiting for blood test results coming back. i remember waiting and waiting and
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thinking, where are the blood tests? i remember i just couldn't believe how long it took. >> rebecca and her husband sued hopkins after an expert concluded that delayed c-section deprived their child of oxygen leading to cerebral palsy. the jury of worth and $55 million in a record-setting malpractice lawsuit. >> the expert testimony was that this c-section should've been performed within 30 to 45 minutes. the jury got it right. >> in a statement, hopkinson says while we certainly sympathize, we are friendly stand and surprised that the jury found the plaintiff in this case. we strongly deny the allegations and continue to firmly believe that the medical care provided to ms. fielding by hopkins was entirely appropriate. his parents disagree. they plan on using some of the money to pay for experimental medical treatments hoping he will someday do more than smile.
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they also hoped the verdict sends a message to the hospital. >> whatever it is that one song internally or in their minds, i hope that it was at least a wake up call or a learning experience and that it doesn't happen again. >> because of legal caps-on damages, the family will probably walk away with around $30 million. adam may, wjz eyewitness news. >> the attorneys for john hopkins plan to appeal the verdict. tropical storm debby weakens to a depression that still leaves major destruction in the wake. you can see the heavy rains that washed out homes, businesses, and roads in north florida. we report from one of the hardest hit towns. >> reporter: shirley hendrickson tried for hours as she watched the floodwaters into her new home. >> all my memories, all my stuff.
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>> her 17-year-old daughter waited through the water to check on the damage. she was worried about photos of her father who recently died of cancer. since my dad's memories and everything is in it. it kind of hurts. that's all i had left. >> officers went door-to-door checking on residents who never left. >> walking down the streets, the water practically comes up to your waist. this one subdivision along, more than 50 homes have been flooded. it's a similar scene on the banks of black creek where residents are traveling by canoe to check on their home. >> some possessions that were my grandmother's mtv is. i just need to get some stuff off the floor. >> in portions of interstate 10, the main highway, close due to flooding. >> once the water receded, it will probably take a little while longer to clean up the debris that's been washed on the roadway. >> more than 80 roads have been shut down in columbia county, and the flooding has aggravated another problem, sinkholes. this one opened up in marion
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county. the storm is weakening as it ambles eastward, but lingering floods could leave parts of florida underwater for days. wjz eyewitness news. >> wjz is closely tracking debby from the first warning weather center. she has weakened but is still a major rainmaker. >> the rain is the heaviest just along the east coast now. a lot of the rain, the heaviest stuff has just moved offshore. i think the next six to 10 hours will be much better for florida during the overnight and tomorrow. still heavy rain in that east coast area. as far as tracking goes, as we mentioned, it's weakened to a depression. it still has the rainbow during the day it will eventually get onto the ocean. it may regenerate into a tropical storm before it moves further out to the east. and then some good news, it's finally moving as it hasn't done all week long. but we still take it way out to sea during the end of this week.
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for our region, the weather changes quite a bit. that's coming up in my full forecast in just a few minutes. >> thank you. it months after the mount washington tavern burns down, the baltimore landmark is being rebuilt and helping the community at the same time. the tavern will be rebuilt with customized bricks. you can pay $75 to a great one with a name or message. all proceeds go to the mt. washington pediatric hospital. a blockbuster start. the city's crown jewel gets a makeover. a major tourist attraction officially opens. city leaders hope will bring more business downtown. wjz is live at the inner harbor. more on the transformation. >> the light street pavilion has almost had a complete facelift with new shops and restaurants. tonight's its star attraction had its big opening. >> reporter: a high wire cable served as the ripley believe it or not read carpet rolls out for
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the grand opening at the inner harbor. >> we've been looking at baltimore about the last five or six years and just waiting for that perfect opportunity. when this location opened up, this is that, let's go for it. >> inside my galleries of wacky and weird attractions delighting visitors. >> was a cool? >> yeah. >> would you go back in? the idea. >> did you see stuff you've never seen before? >> yeah. >> part of the facelift. >> i see the other additions to it. it's wonderful. >> the ripley's opening multiplies after the 18th celebration brought in more tourists than ever. >> the crowds were the largest any of us have ever seen in our history of working at the inner harbor. >> those crowds lead to a huge boom in business downtown. laura sports hopes are pleased
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of the same. >> people come down and they will then go to the science center or aquarium. they will buy ice cream, go on a boat ride. >> bringing business back to the inner harbor. >> ripley's believe it or not will be open 365 days per year. reporting live from the inner harbor, wjz eyewitness news. >> thank you, megan. many businesses around the inner harbor involved in record- breaking sales during the weekend. coming up, a chain reaction crash. almost 20 cars involved in this accident on a california freeway. the shocking number of peak -- number of people hurt in that pilot. >> the suspect got on his hands and knees and was crawling, growling, and barking like a dog. >> a man's bizarre animal behavior and the terrific attack that followed. >> this is a crazy way to draw attention. >> the man behind gold addy -- behind gold daddy makes a major
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donation. that story coming up. >> how much longer this perfect weather lasts very at your complete forecast comments out. ,, ♪ ,, ♪ looking for someone you can trust?
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with ase certified technicians and the latest technology, this is the exception to the rule.
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>> it's clear and 67 degrees in central maryland. the complete first warning forecast coming up. investigators are trying to
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determine what caused a massive 19 car pileup in southern california. more than a dozen people were hurt, two of them critically. the crash shutdown traffic while workers cleaned up debris and including standout attracted -- that a tractor-trailer spilled. a bizarre case of animal cruelty in texas. police say michael daniel ate a live dog outside his family's home. apparently, he had taken a synthetic drug. officers say he was having a bad trip when he got down on his hands and knees and started barking and growling at neighbors, but nothing could prepare them for what they saw next. >> he had blood on his mouth and for on his mouth and hands, also had blood on him. he was holding a dead dog in his lap. >> daniel no-space is a felony charge for animal cruelty. two men are nearly slipped away after falling off jet skis in
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ocean city. authorities say both men were swept into the inlet during a storm. luckily, coast guard officials were quick to respond. they manage to rescue the men before they were washed out to sea. this company may be best known for its racy super bowl ads. now the founder of go daddy is making a good foundation to his alma mater here in maryland. jessica cartel he explains how he springing his expertise to the university of baltimore. >> reporter: this sure is a crazy way to draw attention to go daddy. the founder of the internet hosting site go daddy, the company best known for their edgy commercials, got his start right here in baltimore. the mac now bob parsons who does the internet the heart of the u.s. economy is donating $1 million to the business school at the university of baltimore. >> we have the dystocia alum. >> he took the website that was virtually unheard of to number
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1 when the ads began airing during the super bowl. now he is establishing a professorship specializing in digital communication. >> there's no communication. >> he graduated and hosts a video blog about internet issues on his website. darlene branigan smith, dean of the business school, says he will do similar lessons as well as on-campus lectures. >> i am always amazed at how doing something as simple a smiling makes things better. >> and he also received the university of baltimore distinguished entrepreneur award in 2010. wjz eyewitness news. >> parsons, who grew up in highland town, has donated millions to charity. hollywood is mourning the loss of one of its own. legendary screenwriter nora affleck has died.
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the 71-year-old is best known for romantic, like sleepless in seattle and when harry met sally. here's a photo op a pair of newlyweds are likely to forget. -- are not likely to forget. scary for a moment. fortunately, the water is not to be. that's because they fell into michigan's gun like along with their entire bridal party. the group was posing on a makeshift dock during the reception when it gave way. no one was hurt but it looks like they might have to dish out some extra bucks for dry cleaning. >> could've been very tragic. >> yeah. shoes, cell phone. they won't forget that wedding. >> or forget this beautiful weather. by the end of the wiki will want to remember this letter.
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it is beautiful out there. 67 now. 2 points only 49 degrees. no one at all. the grommet or is way back up. it's just been a fantastic day. it's only 52nd oakland, the warm spots are slow. once again, we are at 67 locally. even some spots in the low 60s already. they will be in the 50s again tonight. this morning a few spots north of town go to 51. this morning 67 and now 74 at annapolis and that they. no wind right now, but a slight change tomorrow. more out of the west and southwest. it begins to bring in some warmer air tomorrow and even warmer on thursday. now, the brain is beginning to move offshore. probably by tomorrow afternoon, the bulk of the heavy rain will be
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offshore. for our region, a lot of sunshine and dry conditions all day long. but here in the midwest, he has been building. in central and western kansas, it's been over 100 degrees for the last week. that, yesterday some spots got up to 113. all-time record high for those areas. we won't get that hot, but we will see some heat. down here in the tennessee valley, they could see over 100-degree temperatures. we expect to be at least in the '90s by friday, maybe thursday. it's going to be hot. high pressure moves off. heat from the southwest transport into the region. enough humidity, maybe a scattered shower or thunderstorm. it definitely gets uncomfortable, once again. there will be a small craft advisory tomorrow. gusts at 20 knots. they come around 76. tenet is still a nice night.
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upper 50s area tomorrow is sunday and a little warmer. mid 80s tomorrow, which is just normal. it will still be dry tomorrow, so still a nice summer day. on thursday backed up to 91. humidity comes back full time friday, saturday, and sunday. temps in the two upper '90s. >> thank you. let's check in with john -- with eyewitness news tomorrow morning for the updated first morning forecast. coming up, the orioles face another tough visitor as the only angels come to town. chemical off one of the hottest teams in the league? mark tells us next in ,,,,,,,,,,
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>> marketeer with the wjz sports. the. >> seems like every team the orioles played is having a good year. surprisingly, good season so
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far. some fans wondering how far this lasts. the answer continues to be that they will fly high as long as they get good pitching. that's being tested with a red- hot l.a. angels rolling into camden yards. the first-ever baltimore appearance for one of the game's all-time great sluggers. all of fame caliber player. we see him up close for the first time. two hits off. this one in the fifth inning up and out. twelfth homer of the year. gave the angels a 3-nothing lead. a lot of career worst. it was 5-nothing when he made his way to the showers. cj wilson pitched for l.a. and they continue to struggle scoring. he looks at strike three and ends up 7-3. orioles defeat. a rematch tomorrow night. a birthday party in the bronx. dictator turns 38 today. this gift would be a victory. his teammates pitched in to
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make that possible. a base hit brings in two runs, puts new york up 3-nothing. alex rodriguez without a home run. it ends up a 6-4 gig is run. they lead the rose by 4 games in the division race. michael phelps is the worlds greatest swimmer. that's a nice title. also one that motivates his challengers. they are going after him at the olympic trials in omaha. his primary adversary is brian losee. he defeated him yesterday and the individual medley. they met in the pool again tonight in the 200. phelps cannot check him down the stretch. they meet again tomorrow in the final top two earned a spot in the olympic games. a major college football announcement in washington dc. the big schools will determine a champion with a 14 playoff. that begins in the 2014 seasons. four playoff teams will be picked
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by a committee. bowl games will service playoff games. this will do away with the bcs system that's been used since 1998. >> this is huge news. people have been wanting this to happen for years. what do you think lex. >> play it on the field. >> thanks, mark. coming up, make way. how these fuzzy little guys got into trouble and how they got out. next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> is one of the most famous names in the world. big ben will soon be known as the elizabeth tower. the name change comes as the queen celebrates her time in jubilee. the tower has been a landmark of britain's parliament since 1859. it's been known by a handful of
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names including the great bill. the clock tower and big ben. a couple lucky ducklings rescued from a storm drain. it's all caught on tape. a reporter and local police officer decided to help out after the ducklings fell down the grade. apparently, they were following their mom and their little eggs couldn't keep up. couldn't keep up. both ducklings are doing fine ,,
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>> next on the late show, nba finals champion lebron james. that's it for us tonight. thank you for watching wjz eyewitness news station.


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